What are Nordic walking poles?

Nordic Walking Poles

You can use your cross-country skiing poles for Nordic walking, but you're much better off with specialized Nordic walking poles. After all, the poles are the only equipment you need for this activity, so you might as well have the right ones. Cross-country ski poles are designed for snow, with baskets and hand straps to aid control. If, by chance, you decide to go Nordic walking on a snowy trail, they could work, but they're not much good on asphalt. Nordic walking poles usually have a rubber tip for walking on streets, tracks, or dirt trails. Some may have metal tips for use on hilly hikes, or you can use trekking poles for that. Don't use poles without the rubber tip unless they have the special metal tip. Check with the manufacturer to be sure. You can choose adjustable or non-adjustable poles for Nordic walking. These poles are more springy and less stiff than skiing or trekking poles. One of their advantages is you can go right out your door and use them for Nordic walking, without traveling to the mountains.

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