How do I use my poles in Nordic walking?

Upper Body Technique

Your Nordic walking poles probably are designed one for your right hand and one for your left. Take a normal step with your left foot and swing your right hand and pole forward to about waist height, arm straight. You should be holding the pole handle as if you are reaching out to shake hands. The shaft of your Nordic walking pole should be slanted back toward your body. Plant the tip so it is about even with the heel of your left foot. You will be swinging the poles up past your body, but plant the tip a few inches to the side so it doesn't get tangled up with your foot. If the rubber tip of the pole is shaped like a little foot, it should be pointed backward. Repeat with the other foot and opposite hand. Keep your wrist and elbow straight, but not locked out, and let your arm swing from the shoulder. Practice this poling technique until it feels natural.

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