Choosing Gear

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How do I choose Nordic walking gear?

Choosing Gear

For Nordic walking, wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothing, appropriate for the weather. (See tip on choosing shoes.) Remember you will warm up after you get started, so dress in layers in cold weather so you can take off your jacket or sweat shirt if necessary. If you are going to travel with your Nordic walking poles, you will want an adjustable model. Decide if you want adjustable poles or solid poles. Non-adjustable poles, or the adjustable pole when adjusted, should be of a length that your arm will be bent 90 degrees when the tip is planted next to your heel. Read the manufacturer's description and see what pole seems right for you. Solid poles are sold according to your height. You should get a guarantee. Don't choose just on price. Poles are inexpensive and durable, and will give you great rewards in fitness, well being, and fun.



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