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Find a Trail

One of the great things about Nordic walking is that it can be done in urban settings. To get the most benefit, you will want to walk almost every day. For convenience, you will probably do most of your walking near your home. This can be on a sidewalk, road, park, or urban trail or path, and will usually be someplace you are familiar with. Still, there will be times you want to look for someplace new. You may be traveling and looking for a place to walk, or you may be looking for variety for a weekend walk. Here are some web sites you can search to find new walking trails. Not every trail will be good for Nordic walking, or for every Nordic walker, so you may have to look a bit to find the ones you will enjoy. Check out all of them. is the site for the Rails-to-Trails Foundation, who are doing some interesting work for the environment and to further health and fitness for the population. is a subscription site with a large database. is one you can both use to find trails and contribute your favorites to.



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