New Shoes

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New Shoes

I just bought some new walking shoes (on sale). These are Reeboks and they call them running/walking shoes. I find they have less cushioning than regular running shoes and a somewhat lower heel profile, which is fine for walking, including Nordic walking. We don't need as much cushion as runners because we don't have as high an impact on the ground in our sport. These would be ok for some light running, but if you want to do a lot of running, especially on hard surfaces, get running shoes. It's best to keep your Nordic walking shoes for exercise walking (not for gardening or going to the beach). The rule of thumb is to get new running shoes after running in them for 500 miles, total. You can get somewhat more out of your walking shoes, but don't wear the same ones for years. (Getting two pair and switching off is a good idea.) The material they use for the outer sole is very durable and may look fine, but the midsole will wear down. You may end up with some mysterious pain, even in your knee, hip, or back, if you do too much exercise walking in shoes that are worn out. Besides, it's nice to have new shoes. I'm enjoying mine. I don't recommend any particular brand. Reeboks fit me. New Balance, for instance, one of the best sports shoes, just don't fit my feet quite right. So find some shoes that fit you well, and think about getting a new pair. You'll feel good and it will be your contribution to the economy.



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