You Will Walk Faster

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You Will Walk Faster

When you do Nordic walking, you will walk faster than your normal pace (unless you are already a very fast walker). Adding the arm motion makes the feet move faster. Try an experiment. Walk with your arms stiff at your sides. Now let your arms swing naturally, right foot and left arm forward, and vice versa. You should be moving a little faster without trying, just from the arm swing. Now bend your arms at the elbows and pump your arms a bit while you walk. You should be moving faster yet. (Don't overthink this. It will happen naturally.) This is easier to see with running. Jog for a bit with your arms hanging at your sides, then bend your elbows and pump your arms. Watch a sprinter some time. The arm motion seems to drive the feet. So by using your arms deliberately, you will end up walking faster. Practice using a smooth steady motion with your Nordic walking poles, and you will automatically walk faster.



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